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Hazel Trans Research Collective

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The Hazel Trans Research Collective is an independent research group founded by Zinnia Jones in Orlando, Florida in 2014, publishing the Gender Analysis series, investigating contemporary transgender issues and developing interdisciplinary insights into gender phenomena in society. Our work draws on a number of fields and methods to provide a deeper look into the workings of gender, including psychiatry, sociology, cognitive science, analytic philosophy, feminist theory, literary criticism, and more. Informed by the experiences and perspectives of trans and queer people, we aim to illuminate the connections between our everyday lives and what research can tell us about transgender topics. Keep reading to learn more about us and our work.


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For consultation and research reviews on transgender-related topics, email zinnia@zinniajones.com with your inquiries.


Transgender Depersonalization Project

The Gender Analysis Transgender Depersonalization Project is our most significant original research program, working to elucidate the features of depersonalization (feelings of unreality) in the context of gender dysphoria and transition. We're currently working with trans people as well as medical professionals and specialists, drawing on emerging research in the fields of psychiatry, neurochemistry, and psychopharmacology to develop a better picture of the nature and treatment of depersonalization in the transgender population.

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Trans youth


Transgender medicine and healthcare


Transitioning and outcomes


Philosophy and language




Law, politics, and military


Contact Hazel Trans: zinnia@zinniajones.com